DNS Economy

They called it the "New Economy", economists didn't like it.
Let's agree that the word didn't tell much about the "digital revolution era"

Economic activity runs in bytes today. Services got dematerialized and each and every one of us contribute to this information mass.
Contact begun to be established by mail, which means that we can reach anyone from anywhere.

The change of headquarters - huge buildings - into web addresses is the ultimate proof. The web came to dematerialized companies and organizations.

None of us know where to "geo-find" "Plano Tecnológico", Nespresso or Brother, but the web addresses come right to our minds if we need it.

This process brings fresh competitiveness resources to territories with better life conditions, providing a new strategic position to attract entrepeneurs and qualified human resources.

The "New Settlers" project (Novos Povoadores, translated) promotes this opportunity.